"I had three chairs in my house: one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society."

- Henry David Thoreau


Our mission at StudioBARON is to make custom design accessible and fun. We have an eye for inventive solutions, but at heart, we are down to earth. We deliver design that is succinct, fresh, and timeless. You want flexibility. You want bang for your buck. Most importantly you want your environment to tell a personal story: Yours! With a background in journalism, we see ourselves as storytellers first: We observe, then collaborate with you to help amplify your vision —to get that picture out of your head and into your house [or workspace]. ... And let you get on with your life. Oh, yeah, there's a little hand-holding along the way, but no white knuckles. Our process is collaborative and fluid, yet always professionally managed. Our sources range from local artisans to attic treasures. A well designed space may produce a wow factor. But more importantly, it will engage your emotions. It will feel right. It will feel like home.