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 At StudioBARON Design, we collaborate with clients who prize the creative process as much as the finish line.  A boutique design studio nestled in —and inspired by— majestic Marin county, CA, StudioBARON creates spaces that are inventive, intentional, and engaging, in projects from coast to coast. Whether you're a private homeowner or a commercial start-up, your property should express your creative vision. You want your space to be welcoming, to provide sanctuary in an uncertain world. We want it to tell your story, so we check our egos at your door.  We help you navigate complex decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and identify sustainable investments, with curated solutions specific to your property, and relevant to your life. Wherever you live, work, or play, we hope you’ll love, love, love it long after our work is done… 

Formerly a photojournalist for The New York Times, Linda Baron, the firm’s founder, draws on her extensive reportorial background to create a narrative for each project. Clients praise her signature curiosity and immersive attention to detail. Linda can synthesize seemingly diverse elements to produce cohesive solutions. She brings the eye of an artist, the soul of a storyteller, and the backbone of deadline-driven discipline. StudioBARON offers a full range of services from concept to completion. 

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