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COLOR PALETTE DEVELOPMENT (interior or Exterior)

Color is relative. It is affected by what is around it. That's why getting it right takes time, as well as a trained eye. Your friend's perfect living room color may look like a mistake in yours! We come to your home, evaluate the quality of the light, bring large color boards to share, test paint, and then develop a cohesive and complete scheme. You: get a printed spec sheet identifying brand, color, and texture of product for each surface, from casings to cabinetry.

$395.00/per individual space. $595.00 for 2-3 related spaces.


are you housebroken?

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A famous designer once said: "Pee in every corner; make your home your own!"                   

BUYERS: Need to assess whether a house could be your dream home? Or just bought and need a game plan for your new residence, to help you feel at home? Wish you could curate your space to feel like you live in a boutique hotel?

SELLERS: About to move and feel overwhelmed? Not sure what to pack and what to purge? Trying to prep your home for sale but need guidance on what's most important?

REALTORS: Want to showcase a listing but need a 'design' buffer to maintain relationship between you and client? Not prepared for a full-on staging? We'll team with you to do a walk through in a client's home, and prepare a punch list to help your clients comfortably tackle the project, prioritizing what to get done first, what to let go of, how to integrate past and future, and how to make it all look lovely to sell! Assess with finesse... You focus on listing the property, we do the design heavy-lifting !

                                                              $495.00 / WALK THROUGH + PUNCH LIST

let us do the legwork:

After assessing your needs (above), we'll lend a helping hand to get it all done with a realistic budget and timeline. We'll give your home a head to toe spruce up, using existing furnishings and artwork, editing, reinventing and embellishing as needed to make your home feel like it's really yours. Hauling services available. A more lasting 'high' than having a housecleaner. Perfect prep for holidays, special-event hosting, a Mother's Day gift or a gift to yourself! Preview meeting included.

                                                              * PRICE according to scope of property.   ($495.00 min)


 LISTING? We'll create a welcoming front entry including: plantings, urns, lighting, paths, seating, door design and hardware, water elements, and color palette. Hardscape and electrical recommendations included. Great for realtors to list a property quickly!

                                                               * PRICE according to scope of property  ($495.00 min)

JUST SOLD? SAY THANKS TO A GREAT CLIENT with a Gift Certificate for our 'Ready for Prime Time" Walk-through + Punchlist and Space Planning service (see above).