“Staging dream homes.”

In a fiercely competitive market, homeowners need their properties to captivate potential buyers and command optimal value. StudioBARON provides visually compelling, camera-ready staging and styling for property owners and real-estate professionals. Our home installations re-envision traditional staging: Rather than imposing a cookie-cutter style, we amplify the unique features of each home, and transform it to stand out in a high-end market.

An agile team that brings both interior design and editorial expertise, we relentlessly curate each detail while helping the entire property convey its story. Taking into account neighborhood, architectural context, siting, etc., we conjure that intangible sense of home that makes buyers feel like curling up on the couch with a puppy the minute they walk through the door. And buyers can literally be ‘at home’ immediately; most of our freshly designed, clean, liveable interiors are available for purchase. An approach that considers the buyers’ needs makes properties feel move-in ready, and translates to a higher ROI for the seller.


Photographs of well-staged properties draw more prospective buyers on site. Staged properties sell for 5 -25% more than unstaged properties in the same area. We provide a selection of services to help sellers and real-estate professionals prepare camera-ready properties that stand out in very competitive markets.

  • FULL STAGE | ‘Ready for Prime Time’: Home has been emptied and cleaned. Client moved out. We provide efficient, curated staging of all/most interior and exterior spaces, bringing in furnishings, accessories, linens, rugs.

  • PARTIAL STAGE |‘Spatial facial’: Appropriate option if clients wish to remain in residence while listed. While not ideal, we understand such real-life challenges; We’ll respectfully edit and rearrange existing furniture to optimize, embellishing as needed with inventory of accessories, linens, art.

  • DESIGN CONSULTING |‘Identify + Prioritize’: Help sellers and realtors prepare home to sell competitively, with our expert guidance on which investments bring most resale value. Includes property assessment and prioritizing of what prep is worthwhile. Color palette development, curb-appeal spruce up, contractor oversight, construction management, selection of finishes, hardware, lighting, tile/stone sourcing, landscape tips, etc.

  • REALTORS’ RIGHT HAND|‘Let us do the legwork’: Want to showcase a listing but need a ‘design buffer’ to maintain relationship between you and client? We’ll team with you to assess a property, prepare a detailed punchlist to help clients DIY, or get it done quickly with our team, prioritizing what to pack, what to purge, so it’s photo-shoot worthy and ready for prime time.

  • SHORT-TERM RENTAL HOST PREP | Extra space = extra cash. Good design and photography are keys to success in the hot new short-term rental market (VRBO and AIRBnB). Wanna tap in? Have an underused area of your home? We are interior designers, as well as established AIRBnB hosts with 100% five-star ratings and SUPERHOST status! We’ll help create your space so it’s camera ready to maximize potential, then photograph, write up and post your listing to start generating guests, and revenue.

A La Carte design services

  • Color palette development (interior, exterior, front entry)

  • ‘Curb appeal’ consultation

  • Contractor oversight (paint, electrical, tile, flooring, landscape, refinishing)

  • Construction management

  • Sourcing products as needed (light fixtures, hardware, tile, finishes)

  • Window and/or Power Washing

  • House cleaning

  • Editing of existing furnishings

  • Real-estate photography after staging is complete

  • Event decor and florals for Open House

  • Design consultation after sale closes, to help buyers prioritize their move.